Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32

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Moog Mother-32 with patch cablesA lot of people have bought Moog Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizers as their entry point to modular synthesis. This course is designed for beginners who want to get up to speed quickly using their Mother-32, and then want to move on to expanding it with additional Eurorack-format modules.

In this easy, just under 2 hour course, I start by showing how to connect the Mother-32’s power, audio, and MIDI, and review its major sections. Then I lead you through creating a typical patch that will act as a good starting point for your explorations, followed by diving into each synthesis section in more detail. Next is an entire chapter dedicated to its built-in step sequencer, covering both basic recording, editing, and live performance as well as how to access its advanced features including holds, rests, glides, and repeats (ratcheting).

installing a Moog Mother-32 in a Monorocket Eurorack caseThen comes my favorite chapter: moving the Mother-32 to a Eurorack case, and expanding it with your first few modules including a second envelope generator and oscillator. Along the way you will learn the importance of using signal combiners (mixers) and splitters (multiples) as you add more modules. Here is the introductory video for the course:


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Still undecided? Below are some user testimonials as well as the outline for the course. Want to see some more examples before you commit? I’ve created a few other posts on the Mother-32, featuring free-to-all sample movies from this course:

Ready for the next level beyond this course? Then check out Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion.

Some of the feedback I’ve received on this course includes:

“This course was a lot of fun. I had a blast watching and thinking about the possibilities with the Mother-32 either on its own or with a Eurorack setup. I have always wanted to start building a modular synth but part of what has been scaring me off from it, aside from the price, has been the seeming complexity; but after watching this course (and his previous course on the Arturia Modular V and then trying that synth out myself) I think I could put one together without too much trouble. I really appreciated how he took things one step at a time, from showing off the basics of the Mother-32, to its more advanced features, to how to put together a basic Eurorack setup, and if I had been doing one myself without watching this course I probably would have overlooked the mixer, output module, buffered mult, precision adder, etc in favor of flashier modules like oscillators and filters. This really got me excited and wanting to start working on building my own… On the whole, and I am probably biased because I am a huge synth nerd, I loved this video and when I start putting together my own Eurorack I will be sure to check out this course and the other courses in the series again for pointers.” – IP


“Excellent Square One intro to modular synthesis without the usual up-front discourse on “what is sound”, “what is an oscillator”, etc. 🙂” – AF


“Super helpful. Thanks so much 😊😊😊” – KW


“Well done Chris. Your videos are always clean, informative and easy to understand.” – RH

Table of Contents for
Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 An Overview of the Moog Mother-32  - Preview
Module 2 Creating Sounds
Unit 1 Creating a Basic Sound Patch
Unit 2 The Oscillator Section
Unit 3 The Filter Section
Unit 4 Other Modulation Applications
Module 3 Using the Sequencer
Unit 1 Basic Playback and Recording
Unit 2 Sequencing Holds and Rests
Unit 3 Sequencing with Glides and Repeats
Unit 4 Editing a Sequence
Unit 5 Live Performance with the Sequencer
Module 4 Basic Expansion
Unit 1 Mounting the Mother-32
Unit 2 Using the Patchbay  - Preview
Unit 3 Attenuators and Mixers
Unit 4 Adding a Second Envelope
Unit 5 Adding a Second Oscillator
Unit 6 Safely Splitting a Signal
Module 5 And There’s More
Unit 1 Going Further

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