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A common system for mounting modules into a case is called sliding rails or nuts. A number of nuts are inserted into these channels, which can then be slid to any position to accommodate the mounting whole spacing of your modules. Some don’t like this system, so they replace the nuts with strip of metal inserted into the channel that have been pre-drilled for the standard Eurorack mounting hole spacing. They may be drilled for 2.5 or 3 mm screws; pay attention when buying the rails or a case that has them pre-installed.

The advantage is there’s a mounting hole for every possible location, in the right location for most of the Eurorack modules available. The downside is there are a select few modules – such as the old modules from Analogue Systems, and small manufacturers like Gotherman – where the holes don’t line up, so you’ll either have to file the holes to become slots, or leave a small gap on the sides of the modules when they’re mixed with those that follow the Doepfer standard.

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