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Modular NAMM 2018.2: Doepfer, Malekko, Vermona, and the “Quad” Trend

Modular NAMM 2018.2: Doepfer, Malekko, Vermona, and the “Quad” Trend

A few of those themes that emerged during this year’s NAMM show included CEM 3340-based VCOs (as there are now two sources for this classic, previously-unavailable chip), granular synthesis, semi-modulars, and multiple voices. I touched on that last one in the first installment, with 4ms’ Spherical Waveform Navigator being capable of 6-voice polyphony; in general, more companies are looking at configuring a modular to produce more than one sound at the same time – and we’ll look at a few of them here.

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