In addition to a monthly no-spam newsletter (you can register at the bottom of this page), I share information through the Learning Modular pages on several different social media platforms. The sites below are listed in the order of how frequently I post to them.

You will notice that I don’t run any ads on my YouTube channel or on this site. I prefer to give you clean, immediate access to information, and instead set aside the best & deepest info for those wonderful users who want to directly support what I do.

This subscription-based site is for those who want access to most information from Learning Modular. It contains most of the videos I create plus companion posts with additional background and information, articles on both historical and recent module design, detailed trade show reports (including conversations with module creators), thought pieces on composition and design, and is also where I document my own personal modular journey including the thought process behind changes to my own systems. You can support what I do for as little as $1 per month; higher levels of support get you access to more posts, one or all of my online courses, and a chance to pick my brain as you put together your own system. Click here for an index of posts I’ve created on Patreon.

I browse the modular synth pages on Facebook daily, plus post to my own public Learning Modular page when I have new videos out or otherwise have interesting things to share. (If you wish to follow my modular synth adventures, please like the Learning Modular Facebook page, instead of sending me a friend request. My personal Facebook feed rarely mentions modular synths.)

There is a Learning Modular YouTube channel for the free videos I create. These include both general technique and module-specific videos. Most new module-specific videos are created for my Eurorack Expansion course. If a manufacturer helped me get access to the module, all of its videos are posted publicly. If I had to buy the module myself using funds from Patreon or my courses, the overview movie is posted publicly, and the rest are posted privately to Patreon and/or this web site’s extended version of my Eurorack Expansion course.

When I’m at music conferences, meetup groups, or jams, or if I’ve made an important change to one of my modular systems, I’ll often pull out my phone and snap a quick photo or video for the Learning Modular Instagram page. These posts are usually copied to Facebook as well.

I also perform and record music under the name Alias Zone. Click here to go to the Alias Zone web site, where you can preview album releases (available on Bandcamp), watch recent music videos, and get news of upcoming performances.