The best-laid plans…they rarely work out as intended, do they? I planned to re-wire the studio in June, but that has been delayed waiting on critical components. I did get the power supply moved out of the Monster and into the equipment closet, and although that had some unexpected twists, the studio is now a much quieter, cooler place. I also recorded, mixed, and edited the performance for my upcoming Live From the Studio with Franck Martin interview coming up on July 10, and to start planning for some in-person studio visits and travel – more on those in the Upcoming Events and One More Thing sections at the bottom of this newsletter.

But first, I want to talk a bit about my approach to performing and composing with my modular. I’ve had both non-modular people and other modular users wonder how I don’t get overwhelmed when confronted with the myriad choices the Monster provides; the answer is I treat it as if it contained musicians in my personal ensemble. More on that in the main article below.


  • featured articleI don’t see myself as a “modular musician” as much as a conductor or band leader writing for and collaborating with a particularly versatile machine – one that I’m trying to get to be more human.
  • new posts & videos: I go into great detail on how I composed, patched, and performed my recent piece Devotion.
  • Patreon updates: The main subjects this past month revolve around dealing with noise – from my power supply, as well as my output modules.
  • upcoming eventsIn addition to the streaming Live From The Studio with Franck Martin on July 10, I have in-person performances planned for September and October.
  • one more thingI’m hitting the road, visiting Arizona and Colorado in August and September. And I’d like to hang out with some of you while I’m there.

New Videos & Blog Posts

As a companion piece to the article above, I’m publicly sharing a piece I just wrote for the Learning Modular Patreon channel that shares details of the composition, patching, and performance of my recent piece Devotion (video embedded above). This video is one of the more explicit in showing how I’m “conducting” my modular during a performance; the companion post goes into more detail about what I’m doing, and the underlying patches.

(And by the way, that post is an example of the type of deep content I create for my Patrons. Consider joining us as we evolve how to use your modular for sound design, recording, and performance.)

Patreon Updates

In addition to the “Track Breakdown” post for Devotion, during June my Patrons were treated to articles on:

And what about the articles I promised on how my early effect-heavy bass-playing days relate to the current modular scene, or explaining my move to recording all of my new pieces at 32-bit/96 kHz? Those got shoved aside by the power supply and output module issues discussed, instead. I promise these will get written up during July.

Upcoming Events

  • July 10: Live from the Studio with Franck Martin of PeachyMango fame, including a streaming interview and performance of a new piece that shows yet another new direction for me. You can set yourself a reminder on the YouTube page to make sure you don’t miss it.
  • September 11: Knobcon in Schaumburg, Illinois. I will be in the chill-out room Saturday night, performing both solo, and possibly in Meridian Alpha with Jim Coker.
  • September 23: Synthacider at Locust Cider in Lakewood, Colorado. I will be one of several acts performing live and in person. So far, Facebook is the place to look for more information on these events.
  • October 9: Albuquerque Electroniqué at the Press Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Again, I will probably be performing solo, and possibly in Meridian Alpha with Jim Coker and Jason Fink.

One More Thing…

Before the pandemic hit last year, I had a different road trip planned virtually every month through the fall to perform, jam, record, and in general hang out with my fellow modular musicians. All those dreams quickly disappeared.

However, now that many in the US have been vaccinated, new plans are afoot this year: In addition to the events listed above, Trovarsi is coming out for a studio visit during July, and I have road trips planned to Phoenix & Tucson in early August plus Denver & Boulder in later September. I also plan to fly to Dublin, Ireland in later October, and need to figure out when I’m going to Southern California next (especially since I’ll probably miss Synthplex).

If you live in any of those areas and have been vaccinated, let me know of any modular events that may be happening…or let’s create our own while I’m out there! I’ll have the Tardis (my gigging case) with me for the US trips, re-learning this concept of playing with others (smile).

Please get in touch using the Contact form at the bottom of most pages on the web site, or reach out through Facebook or Instagram.

The adventure continues. Next up is composing a new modular-only piece for potential inclusion on a compilation, further updating the studio, and recording more pieces for another album or two before the end of the year.

Best wishes to all of you on your respective paths.

take care –