I have big plans for 2022: I’ve already tentatively scheduled nine performances at various events, plus I would like to release some new albums. This has meant updating and overhauling my studio, tweaking the Monster (the studio modular) and replacing the Tardis (my travel modular).

Which has brought me face to face with mundane tasks such as getting all of my oscillators and other sound sources to track each other. This is an exercise I have been through many times, and I get better at it each time I do it; my latest advice is in the featured article below.

I also have other updates to report, as well as a question to ask: Does the world need another synthesizer podcast?


  • featured articleNew modules seem to rarely track the others already in your case. Here is how to calibrate them to what is required by your particular system.
  • Alias Zone updatesHow to be first to hear new Alias Zone material.
  • Learning Modular updatesMy Learning Modular Conversations with Kim Bjørn of Bjooks (Patch & Tweak, etc.) is now public.
  • Patreon updatesSeveral posts on module changes to my “Monster” studio system, a linked index to my Ask Me Anything with DJ CherishTheLuv, and musings on Vector Synthesis plus having enough power.
  • upcoming eventsLots of things in the air…including Covid, which could change it all.
  • one more thingDoes the world need another synth podcast? By me?

Alias Zone Updates

Learning Modular Eurorack Expansion Extended

After a slow second half of 2021 (due to recovering from my broken leg, a studio re-wire, and reconfiguring my live system), I am planning to create and share a lot more music in 2022. As I book new performances and release new albums:

If you could follow or subscribe any or all of the above, I would really appreciate it. The links above to YouTube and Bandcamp in particular will make it easy to do. I promise not to spam you (smile).

Learning Modular Updates

My third “Ask Me Anything” session for my Learning Modular Patreon subscribers has been made public on the Learning Modular YouTube channel, under the playlist Learning Modular Conversations. This one was with Kim Bjørn, the founder of Bjooks, and who I helped write Patch & Tweak. Kim and I are good friends, and he came prepared with a great list of questions – many of which I made sure he answered as well! If you click the Show More link underneath the video, it will reveal an index of all of the topics we discussed, including links to take you directly  to that section of the movie.

Patreon Updates

In December, I had a wonderful “Ask Me Anything” session with DJ CherishTheLuv. Since the last four sessions had focused on guest hosts asking me questions, we turned the format around and talked more about Cherish’s personal journey (including overcoming a head injury, cancer, and more), with me chiming in with my own experiences where appropriate. We talked a lot about personalizing your performances, and Cherish actually played a short piece live for as well as demonstrated her use of biofeedback with modulars. The playback with linked index can be found here, and is available to all subscriber levels.

I also continued my series documenting changes to my Monster studio modular system since it was introduced in the Feeding the Monster series with DivKid, including explaining each of my module choices. The two areas covered last month were filters, and submixers, VCAs, and LPGs. Those two posts are available to +5v and above subscribers.

I also wrote two standalone pieces: one on why the Prophet VS sounds different than most other morphing or crossfading wavetable oscillators (with demo and patch ideas), and one on my latest experiences with specifying how much power you actually need for your modular system (including how overloading your power system can introduce noise). Those two posts are available to all subscribers.

Upcoming Events

I’m almost reluctant to list my upcoming performances, because I’m afraid I might jinx them with the Omicron variation of Covid floating around. Plus, details are still being finalized. But let’s take a chance and share at least what I know so far about my next two gigs:

January 22: SCSS streaming on YouTube

For a long time, I had been planning to be part of the 2022 edition of the “NAMM Jam” put on by the Southern California Synth Society (SCSS for short). When I broke my leg July of last year, I was told the soonest I could expect to heal was in six months – which made January NAMM a goal for my recovery. Then NAMM was cancelled and moved back to June 2022. However, the SCSS is still planning on doing something, and I’m still planning to be part of it. Mark January 22 on your calendar, keep an eye for announcements through both their and my social media outlets, and bookmark the SCSS YouTube channel as that’s where they’ll be streaming the event.

February 11/12: Phoenix Synthesizer Festival

Again, plans are still very tentative, but I’m hoping to give a presentation on my new performance system – as well as a live performance using it – as part of the next Phoenix Synthesizer Festival. We’re hoping some form of live audience will be allowed; streaming of the event is also planned. Keep an eye on their website for news, and in the meantime watch both Day One and Day Two of last year’s amazing event which included educational presentations as part of each performance.

One More Thing…

When I broke my leg, I was trying to figure out a way to keep creating useful content for my Patreon subscribers. I came up with the idea of doing a series of “Ask Me Anything” Zoom sessions, so they could ask me what was on their minds while I was unable to create new videos and posts of my own. I then decided to invite a different co-host each month to also ask me questions, and so that my subscribers would have a different person to talk to each month in addition to me.

Instead of a grab-bag of random questions, what happened instead was a series of deep conversations about electronic music composition, recording, and performance. They were so good, that I decided these conversations should be shared with a wider audience. Click here for a playlist of the first three sessions, which I’ve renamed “Learning Modular Conversations.”

The next two sessions after these took different turns, with me breaking down some of my tracks and patching tricks in the fourth episode, and what turned out to be me interviewing DJ CherishTheLuv (instead of the other way around) in the fifth episode. These will be released publicly in the next two months. (But since you’re making the effort to read this, you can click on the links above to get early access to those playbacks.)

Out of this came the question: Should I make this a regular series?

  • On the one hand, a large number of streaming “synth shows” have appeared over the last two years in particular – so many that I know I can’t keep up myself! So it seems crazy for me to try to start yet another show.
  • On the other hand, I do think we have gone deeper into more complex, “evergreen” subjects such as composition and performance, compared to the usual (but still useful!) talk about the latest modules and the such.

What’s your opinion? Be honest – would you be interested in a regular show like this? Would you have time to watch it? Should I instead put my energy into appearing on existing shows, such as the Synth Show episode where I was the guest, and which still got into a lot deeper material? This is not just about me trying to generate publicity (or ad revenue; I don’t allow ads on the Learning Modular YouTube channel); it’s about whether or not you would find it genuinely useful, as it will take a bit of work to pull together in a way I would be proud of.

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for your support through the years, and particularly through a challenging 2021: I really appreciate it, as it enables me to spend my time learning these wonderful instruments – and sharing the results with you. Here’s to a fantastic 2022 for all of us.

warmest regards –