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This was the name for the Buchla 265 and 266 modules that create random control voltages. Its name is often used for random source modules that follow or are inspired by the original Buchla template.

Source of Uncertainty modules typically have the following sections:

  • noise sources (good for connecting to the input of a sample & hold as a random voltage reference)
  • a sample & hold
  • typically two “stored”, “quantized” or “stepped” random voltage generators that randomly jump between a limited number of steady voltage values. The number of discrete output levels is selectable by both a knob and voltage control. The Buchla template is to have one offer “n+1” different values, where n = the knob position or CV, and “n2” values where the user-settable n value is squared (i.e. 2, 4, 9, 16, 25, etc. different values).
  • a smoothly fluctuating random voltage
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