Pittsburgh Double Helix Complex Oscillator

Pittsburgh Double Helix Complex Oscillator

I created a set of four movies on the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Double Helix Complex Matrix Oscillator. The first movie below demonstrates some of the sounds it can produce, and outlining its major sections:

The second movie focuses on its waveshapes (including its unusual Blade shape), and its Voltage Controlled Routers: a flexible modulation bus you need to master to truly get all of the potential out of this module:

The third movie focuses on both steady-state and enveloped frequency modulation:

The last of four movies on the Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix Oscillator focus on its “Contour” section that includes both a wavefolder (Timbre) and a low pass gate (Dynamics):

For more details about using the Double Helix (as well as other modules I’ve made videos for), I encourage you to join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe. For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, click here.


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September 13, 2017

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