Starting this month (May 2020), the Learning Modular newsletter is moving. Instead of sending it to you in a long email, it will be posted on the Learning Modular web site, under Blogs > Newsletters. This will make it easier to read, with videos that play in place, an index at the top that jumps immediately to the desired section, etc.

It will also expand in scope to take into account the different ways you may know or are following Learning Modular. Each newsletter will contain most or all of these sections:

  • welcome
  • featured article
  • a list of new videos and/or blog posts
  • updates to the Learning Modular web site
  • updates to my courses
  • updates to my Patreon page
  • calendar of upcoming events
  • “one more thing” – another event, web site, or item I think you should know about
  • goodbye

If you are signed up for my email list, registered on the site for my online modular synthesis courses, or a supporter on Patreon, I will send you a short email each month letting you know when the newsletter is available, including a quick summary of its contents.

(For example, the May newsletter is going to be focused on the Feeding the Monster series of webcasts I did with DivKid Ben Wilson and my co-author on Patch & Tweak, Kim Bjorn.)

May will the last month this notice comes from; starting in June 2020 it will come from my courses site ( using the email address – if you have an aggressive spam filter, you might want to train it to accept emails from that address.

Of course, you can also unsubscribe at any time – use the link that will appear at the bottom of those emails. On the other hand, if you know someone who might want to register to receive notice of my newsletters, they can go here to register for my courses site, which will add them to the list.

Thank you again for your support. All of my musical activities are funded solely by my income from music – including my courses, Patreon, and Patch & Tweak. I appreciate you making this life possible for me, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with you in return.

warmest regards –
Chris Meyer / Learning Modular