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The Wiard Woggle Bug – created by Grant Richter of Wiard – is a mutant variation on the original Buchla 265 Source of Uncertainty. It adds to the equation two internal VCOs driven by its random voltages, plus ring modulated ‘child tones’ of those VCOs. This enables it to produce both tones and modulation voltages. The special ‘woggle’ feature is a stepped random voltage that has decaying sine-wave-like impulses. This creates a bouncing voltage in response to changes in the stepped output.

Grant was constantly evolving the design of the Wiard Woggle Bug. The original Make Noise Wogglebug and the DIY/kit Erica Synths Wogglebug are very similar to the Wiard ‘Wogglebug #3.” The latest Make Noise Wogglebug is an evolution of Grant’s “Wogglebug #5.”

For more (on the Make Noise Wogglebug in particular), see page 256 of Patch & Tweak.

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