This has been a productive time for me, as I work on clearing out a backlog of modules I’ve promised to create videos or articles for, while also setting up my studio to be better able to record spontaneous sessions and plan for future musical projects. It’s also been a month of learning, as I continue to find new issues in interfacing my vintage modular gear with my modern Eurorack equipment. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to:


  • featured article: I learned a new way to kill modules. Let me help you avoid a similar fate.
  • new videos & posts: Another filter review is now online, plus a primer on modular sync.
  • course updatesTwo filters were added to the Eurorack Expansion Extended course. Plus, I’m saying farewell to my previous course platform.
  • Patreon updatesIncluding Filter reviews, effects chains, and new billing options to save you some money.
  • upcoming eventsIt’s a quiet time.
  • one more thing: I’m re-learning music theory.

New Videos & Blog Posts

During my Feeding & Patching the Tardis series, I got a few questions about how I was connecting DIN Sync from Pamela’s New Workout to the back panel STG Sync connector on the Five12 Vector sequencer. Since I planned to wire up a similar “hack” for my studio modular, I thought this would be a good time to revisit and write about clock synchronization in a modular system, including comparing DIN, MIDI, and STG/Modular Sync.

I also published a video on the Metasonix RK6 Resonant Lowpass tube-based filter. It’s an unusual design, and behaves in usual ways.

Modular Courses Updates

I added videos on both the Mannequins Three Sisters and Metasonix RK6 filter to the Eurorack Expansion Extended course.

Also, during September I will be removing m courses from the main web site. Earlier this year I moved them to a new sub-site based on the New Zenler online course platform, and have been happy with the results, but I have kept the log in for the old site in case anyone wanted to continue to use it. It seems that everyone has moved to the new site, so I’m not going to renew the plug-in licensees required by the old site.

Patreon Updates

During July I enabled a couple of new ways for patrons to subscribe to my Learning Modular Patreon channel, including the ability for some to pay in their local currency, and an annual membership option that gives you two months free.

Other posts of interest include:

Upcoming Events

Confirming the inevitable, NAMM and Synthplex were cancelled for the upcoming months. Let’s hope we’re able to travel and meet in person again well before the new Synthplex dates of October 28-31, 2021.

One More Thing…

I thoroughly enjoy acting as “the drummer” when I take my gigging case out and jam with others. I’ve also played a few solo sets with that case. However, I have a growing itch to spend some time composing more complete pieces of my own original music.

Although I am musically literate, my formal music education consists of roughly one year each of bass guitar, piano, and synthesizer as a teen in the late 70s. So, I acknowledge that music theory is one of my weaker areas.

Therefore, I’ve decided to start taking theory classes, and may brush up my keyboard playing too. The first online course I’m taking is Music Theory for Songwriters: The Fundamentals by Julian Velard on LinkedIn Learning. If you’re a newbie, you will find his pacing is nice and slow, assuming nothing, and his explanations are clear.

I’m hoping I can adapt this to my own goals of composing better electronic music, rather than the goal of many music courses of just teaching you how to learn to play others’ songs. I’ll update you on my progress.

I find myself to be mentally in a very good place right now. Despite the current realities of the pandemic, politics, policing, and protests (all of which matter deeply to me), I’m also focusing more on my own creativity. I find that taking sure I’m taking care of myself puts me in a better place to tackle the world and help others.

I hope you’re managing to find your own “good place” as well.

best regards –