I’m fortunate to have had two lives in music: one from the 1970s through around 2000, and then again from 2015 to the present. What’s even more fortunate is that I still have some of the artifacts and instruments from that first life today – although they’ve needed a bit of work to make them fully functional again. 

In that vein, I recently finished the restoration of a pair of unique modules from the late 1970s: the Dennis Electronics Model 201 Control Voltage Processor. They are the subject of the main article in this month’s newsletter. The full contents include:


  • featured article: What a control voltage utility module from 45 years ago looks like (and does).
  • Alias Zone updatesWorking on new material for an upcoming album and mini-tour.
  • Learning Modular updatesI would like your help in building a table of the maximum voltage output ranges of various LFOs and envelope generators.
  • Patreon updatesIn addition to more information about the restoration process for my Dennis CVPs, I also shared a set of waveforms I created on my Monster modular synth, offered some gear at special prices, and took a poll for the subject of my next Zoom session.
  • upcoming eventsI’m staging a mini-tour for April 2023, leading up to this year’s NAMM show – and tickets are becoming available!

Alias Zone Updates

Learning Modular Eurorack Expansion Extended

I’ve confirmed the dates for my April mini-tour (see Upcoming Events below), and I have tentative commitments for a mini-tour of North Carolina the first half of October.

I am working on a new extended piece that incorporates field recordings from the war in Ukraine created by Make Histibe of Mask Movement. Both this track, and the next album (tentatively titled Eastern Front), are a return to a more heavily sequencer-based, Berlin School style, but still with my own unique touches. The photo above shows the patch in progress on my Monster studio modular (as well as a pair of controllers for my DAW, Ableton Live); after I record the album track using this system, I’ll then translate it to my gigging system and play it at a couple of dates for my upcoming tour. 

In the meantime, March 3 is another Bandcamp Friday, when Bandcamp waives their own fees and passes it along to the artists – a great reason to buy some music! 

Learning Modular Updates

As part of researching Eurorack signal levels (the subject of last month’s main article), I went through all of my envelope generators and measured their maximum output levels. That table is included in this post I wrote for my Patreon subscribers about envelopes and VCA levels, which I have now made public for the rest of you to see. 

What I would like to do is start crowd-sourcing a table of the output range of different envelopes, LFOs, and related modulation generators. If you have time and access to an oscilloscope, could you measure the maximum voltage swings of your modulators, and add them either to the comments below or email me directly? (There is also a message box at the bottom of this page.) I’ll build a table and publish it on the Learning Modular site, so others can get a better understanding of what various modules do. Thanks for your help!

Patreon Updates

This past month, my +5v and above Patreon subscribers have received:

In the upcoming weeks and months, they will also get detailed reports and track breakdowns for the new piece I am composing, my mini-tour in April, and my next album. I’m also working on an idea for a new series where I talk about what features I’m looking for when I buy a particular type of module.

For those who are not already subscribers, the +5v level – $5/month – gets you immediate access to a library of literally hundreds of posts as well as new ones each month, while $12/month adds access to my Eurorack-focused online modular synthesis courses. Why don’t you consider subscribing, if even for a month to catch up on all the stuff I’ve written about already?

Upcoming Events

I am looking forward to my mini-tour in southern Arizona & California in the first half of April, leading up to the 2023 NAMM show. Stops will include:

April 4 – Tucson, Arizona: I will be part of Steve Roach‘s Ambient Lounge series at the Century Room in Tucson, Arizona. Doors open at 7; we start playing at 8. Steve’s wife Linda Kohanov will play first, live-looping and processing her viola. I will then play a roughly 30-40 minute set, followed by Steve. Tickets will be available on the Century Room’s site by the middle of March. The $15 ticket gets you a seat at one of the front tables so you can more closely watch what we’re doing. (Plus the bar has some really inventive drinks, with and without alcohol.)

April 8 – Joshua Tree, California: Sadly, this event has been cancelled due to permitting issues at FurstWurld. We are seeing if we can put together an alternate venue in the area for that weekend.

April 12 – Cost Mesa, California: I will be giving a performance plus Q&A at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, California the evening before the NAMM show (the studio is only 15 minutes away from the convention center!). Doors open at 6; I’ll be going on at 7, followed by Basek talking about the Electron gear he uses. There is also a promise of something special from the Vintage Synthesizer Museum to play with. It should be quite an event, and a nice way to socialize in a more intimate setting before the NAMM show starts.

January’s projects spilled over into February, so I’m a few weeks behind composing and rehearsing my next album and tour. But things have been going very well in the studio this past week, and I look forward to carrying that momentum into the spring and summer. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

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