A lot of people have bought Moog Mother-32 semi-modular synths as their entry point to modular synthesis. Therefore, I’m creating a couple of courses based on using the Mother-32 in this environment. Below are two videos excerpted from the Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32 course which will get a Mother-32 owner up and running, including installing it in a Eurorack case.

The first movie shows how to connect power, audio, and MIDI to the Mother-32, how to play notes and sequences, and gives a quick overview of its major sections to edit its sound:


The second movie shows how to remove a Mother-32 from its own case and install it in a Eurorack case, including discussing issues such as case depth, power connections, and mounting issues (including sliding nuts versus threaded inserts and Phillips versus hex head screws):


The next step is surrounding the Mother with a good complement of utility modules that flesh out its basic capabilities, and which will ease connecting it to new modules you may introduce to your system. That’s discussed in my Eurorack Expansion Host Rack article linked to here.

My Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32 course s available through this web site as well Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning. I’ve also released through Lynda.com and this web site a “taking it to the next level” course – Eurorack Expansion that shows how to take your Mother-32 in a variety of directions, demonstrating using it with a wide range of modules to experiment with a variety of synthesis techniques.