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A very popular semi-modular synthesizer by Moog. It comes in its own case, but can be mounted in a Eurorack-format case. It comes with one VCO (sawtooth and pulse waveforms), one LFO (triangle and square waveforms), one Moog-style transistor ladder filter that can be low pass or high pass, and one AD or AR envelope generator. It also has a very capable step sequencer plus a miniature one-octave keyboard.

What makes it a semi-modular is a nice patch panel that allows alternate routings for the way the synth voice is internally wired, and for it to be patched to external modules. As so many of these were sold, I’m using it as a representative of a typical semi-modular or “starter” synthesizer voice when discussing how to expand a basic modular system. I have an online introductory course to the Mother-32 coming out this spring, and will have a course plus ongoing weekly series on adding different modules to this starter system.

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