What happened to April?!? I swear we were only a couple of weeks into it, and suddenly it’s over. I guess the same thing could be said about the first third of this year – it seems like a lot has happened in the world a very short period of time.

Let me catch a quick breath and tell you what I’ve been up to lately:

  • featured article“Latency” isn’t just an issue in digital audio workstations; each digital module in your system could be introducing delays.
  • Alias Zone updatesA couple of tracks sent off for mastering; a new compilation for a good cause.
  • Learning Modular updatesMy latest music video – The Cave – is now also available on the Learning Modular YouTube channel.
  • Patreon updatesTwo detailed posts on my new performance system, covering how I generate trigger patterns and notes used in both the modular and in the laptop – including how I coordinate the timing between the two. I also shared my experiences observing and working with Steve Roach.
  • upcoming eventsLive performances in May at Mountain Skies near Asheville, North Carolina, and in June at the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • one more thingDrones for Peace: A fundraiser for Ukraine that demonstrates “drone music” is far more varied than you might think.

Alias Zone Updates

I have two (maybe three?) more performances planned before a summer break. At that point, I go into album mode, editing, overdubbing, remixing, and mastering live and studio performances from the past several months into a few new album releases. The playlist linked to above is the tentative running order for the next album, showing the original live-in-the-studio performances.

Before then, I’ve sent a couple of “singles” off for mastering. One is Compassion: my performance at the SoCal Synth Society’s NAMMless Jamuary; that one will appear on the Alias Zone Bandcamp page in the upcoming weeks, and will be the basis for my performance in June at the Currents New Media Festival – but reworked in quad. (An alternate version is also slated for a future album release.)

The other is Devotion, which is a “lost track” from my performance at SoundQuest Fest last year and the associated album, We Only Came to Dream. I am currently deciding whether to include it as a track with We Only Came to Dream, or to make it part of a new album in the future alongside Compassion and the new piece I’m creating for my performance in May at Mountain Skies: The Barefoot Path. I released a performance video of a version of this piece last year; it is linked to here.

Also, I have a track on the recently released Drones for Peace fundraiser for Ukraine. More on that project below.

Learning Modular Updates

In addition to continuing to create more closed captions for my original Learning Modular Synthesis course, I’ve released my performance at SynthFest France on the Learning Modular YouTube page. That’s the link above.

(By the way, my new performances always appear first on the Alias Zone YouTube channel – won’t you please subscribe, so you can see them earlier, and so that I can eventually kill the ads YouTube runs with them? To do that, I need to reach 1000 subscribers, and 4000 hours of viewing in one year. The Learning Modular channel is already well past that, and ads are turned off for virtually every video on that channel; I would like to do the same for the Alias Zone channel.)

Patreon Updates

April saw three new loooong posts for my +5v and above Patreon subscribers:

Upcoming Events

May 6-8: Mountain Skies (White Horse Black Mountain, near Asheville, North Carolina)

I will be performing a live set on Friday May 6, toward the end of the noon to 3PM EDT block. There will be up to 30 acts those two days (I have a list in this public Patreon post), plus a less formal hang and jam on Sunday the 8th. Click here to purchase either in-person or streaming tickets. I’ll be hanging around Black Mountain and Asheville before and after the concert so I can visit the Moogseum, take the public Moog factory tour, and meet with a few people.

June 24: Currents New Media Festival (Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico)

I – along with James Coker (Meridian Alpha), Sine Mountain (David Soto), and Jill Fraser – will be performing in quad during a special electronic music night during the festival. There will be no live stream of this event, and seating is limited, so plan on getting to the Center for Contemporary Arts earlier in the day to enjoy the Currents festival, and then get in line for admission to the concert afterwards. Here is a link to all of the performances happening during the festival. Tickets are pay-what-you-can, with a recommended donation of $10; all proceeds go directly to the artists.

July: Denver, Colorado?

There are rumblings of a possible gig in Denver the first weekend of July. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

One More Thing…

I’m very proud to be part of the Drones for Peace project by the Colorado Modular Synth Society. It is a fundraiser to help those affected by the war in Ukraine, with all sales donated to humanitarian groups working to help the people of Ukraine. The first volume is already out on Bandcamp; a second one is scheduled to be released May 6.

If you’re thinking “drones…as in a single, dark, never-changing note or sustained sound? I think I’d rather watch paint dry – thank you” … then you are in for a big surprise. Instead, I believe you will be pleased and fascinated by the wide variety of evolving, story-telling soundscapes the musicians involved came up with, using different instrumentation including voice.

My own track – One Day, The Sun Will Rise Again – came from the sessions I recorded before and after my extended ambient performance at Currents 826 Gallery in Santa Fe in March (which was the main subject of last month’s newsletter). I am looking at releasing an album later this year curated from those recordings. But in the meantime, enjoy my track on Drones for Peace Volume 1, as well as the rest of the collection.

still keeping busy; looking forward to some studio time –